Exciting News From The Florida Institute 1.30.17

Building Companies, Changing Lives Issue 50 - January 2017   Biscayne Pharmaceuticals Raises $3 Million in Funding   Miami-based Biscayne Pharmaceuticals has raised three million in financing for its new spin-out, Biscayne Neurotherapeutics, a clinical-stage biotechnology company...

Miami biotech startup developing epilepsy drugs raises $3 million 1.30.17

  Pictured is part of the Miami-based Biscayne Pharmaceuticals team in 2016. Biscayne spun out Biscayne Neurotherapeutics, which raised $3 million in funding. Miami Herald File.   BY NANCY DAHLBERG

Florida Institute Funds Gainesville-based Omninox 1.4.17

  GAINESVILLE, Fla. and BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 4, 2017 - The Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research (the Florida Institute) announced today that it has finalized a funding agreement with Omninox, a Gainesville-based company with technology developed at the University of...


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