FRCMGP Awardee Accelogic's Fusion/HEP program gains momentum. 10.18.12

  News About Florida Research Commercialization Matching Grant Program Awardee, Accelogic  The recent set-aside of funds from the U.S. Department of Energy, NASA, and the U.S. Department of Defense to work on the acceleration of Fusion/HEP applications, opens the search for new Strategic Project...

FRCMGP Awardee Captozyme LLC has been awarded a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research Grant 10.18.12

August 2012 Florida Research Commercialization Matching Grant awardee, Captozyme LLC, has been awarded a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research Grant for the proposed work on reduction of dietary oxalate by means of a proprietary enzyme technology.      

U.S. Innovation Has Bright Future Because of 30-Year-Old Small Business Innovation Research Program 10.18.12

  SBA - The Small Business Advocate by Dr. Winslow Sargeant, Chief Counsel for Advocacy Thirty years ago, as part of the Small Business Act of 1982, a little known program that began as a pilot at the National Science Foundation (NSF) was expanded to more agencies involved in extramural research....

On the Brink - With Massive Defense Cuts Looming in Early 2013, Local Contractors Hope Congress Takes Action Soon 10.1.12

  By Patrick Peterson Florida Today Scott Lewit built a better boat with the help of the federal government.“Most of that is going to impact future capabilities,” he said. “It’s going to be more the long-range research. The ripple effects will be crippling. They survive on these government...


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