Company Funding

The Institute, through its Florida Technology Seed Capital Fund, provides between $50,000 - $300,000 in first-round funding to qualified companies. Funding may be provided either as debt or equity, and in order to qualify for funding consideration companies must meet the following criteria:

•  Core product developed through the research and development activities of universities and colleges, research institutes, and publicly supported organizations within the state, and the intellectual property rights to the core product must be held by such institutions.

•  Recommended by the technology licensing office of the host institution, and accepted by the Institute. 

•  Located in Florida with a majority of the current and future employees based in Florida;

•  Proof of a 1:1 private sector match from a qualified accredited investor(s). 

Companies that achieve significant milestones after funding may qualify for up to $200,000 in follow-on round funding from the Institute. Follow-on rounds require a 2:1 private sector match. 

To apply for the program:

Step 1: Contact the technology licensing office of the host institution where the technology was developed.

Step 2: Complete the Institute Application Form.

Step 3: You will be contacted by a member of the Institute team regarding your application.

Below is a list of companies funded to date. 


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