Company Spotlight - Peerfit

Funded by the Institute in 2015, Peerfit was the first flexible fitness platform built for corporate wellness. In this company spotlight edition, we are diving into the success journey of this incredible company with their Chairman and CEO, Ed Buckley.

Institute for Commercialization of FL Technology


Established in 2011, Altavian is an unmanned aircraft solutions provider that integrates engineering and manufacturing with services that enable the technology for federal, state, local, and commercial clients.

Altavian - Introducing the Galaxy R8700

Bringing the Science of 

Nerve Repair to Life

AxoGen Inc. seeks to provide surgeons with solutions to repair and protect peripheral nerves. View this video of a Navy medic whose severe nerve damage was treated with Axogen’s new nerve grafting technique.


NanoPhotonica brings innovative nanomaterials and production techniques to enable market-altering improvements to displays, solar panels, as well as other electronic device industries. The increased conductivity of our materials enhances electrical-optical conversion, and its ability to act as a moisture, oxygen and UV barrier prevents premature degradation and increases device lifespan.

Panacea Oyster Co-Op Corporation 

Powers Medical Devices 

Powers Medical Devices is developing feedback sensor products to address the nutritional and distress tolerance needs of premature and low birth weight infants. View this video to see how the Pacifier Activated Lullaby (PAL®) stimulates non-nutritive sucking and the breathe-suck-swallow reflex through the use of music therapy.


Shadow Health

Shadow Health, Inc. is developing digital interactive, clinical experiences for medical, nursing and allied health education programs.


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