The Institute has funded companies across the state in all segments of the innovation economy, including the life sciences, information technology, clean energy, and other emerging sectors. Institute-funded companies have raised in excess of $456 million and are creating high-wage, knowledge-based jobs. Through the end of fiscal year 2021, the Institute’s overall economic impact in the state of Florida was $3.4 billion.


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  Institute for Commercialization of Florida Technology Delivers Over $3.4 Billion Economic Impact Highlighting the Continued Success of a...
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  Institute for Commercialization of Florida Technology Funds vigtec.io Tampa-based Firm Focuses on Empowering Individual Investors...
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What People Are Saying

  • “Our mission is to connect users, publishers, and advertisers to improve ad quality and preserve the power of the free internet for generations to come. Publishers are coming to us because of Admiral's proven ability to Measure and Recover lost revenues, but also because of our commitment to sustainable advertising practices. The Institute believed in our team and mission when our initial seed target was $300k and remained a supporter as venture fund interest exploded to 8x our original goal." Dan Rua, CEO, Admiral
  • “TRCG is excited to have the opportunity to work with the high-impact startups the Institute supports. We joined the Leadership Council to show our commitment to Florida’s developing innovation economy, and look forward to assisting companies who may qualify for the tax credits that are now available through the PATH Act.” Adam M. Weems, Managing Director, TRCG
  • "I was happy to be a part of the establishment of the Florida Patent Pro Bono Program and, as a Steering Committee member, am delighted to see the program flourshing affter such a short time. Having participated as a volunteer patent attorney on a number of matters over the past year, it is rewarding to see the program assisting entrepreneurs in Florida who seek protection for their inventions." Alan Weisberg, Owner, Christopher & Weisberg, P.A. 
  • "The Institute supported our efforts early on, providing seed funding and resources, which enabled us to complete, test and launch our products into the commercial marketplace. We are continuning to grow and hire additional staff in the Gainesville area, which would not have been possible without that early support." Rick Carlson, CEO, SharpSpring
  • "I sincerely appreciate all the support and look forward to developing BioFront into a company that the Institute can be proud of.  It means a great deal to have so many fine people believe in us and we are excited to prove everyone right!"  Jason Robotham- CEO  
  • “The Florida Patent Pro Bono Program for entrepreneurs is amazing. It cuts down the costs of having a lawyer work on a patent. I've saved thousands on this patent and I owe it all to this program. My patent is now under examination and things are looking good so far!” -Matthew White, Inventor
  • "We see small victories every day and we've got a good product. It's been a pleasure working with Stephanie, Jamie, and the Institute staff. We appreciate your confidence in us and the investment you've made in our company."  Jonathan Rowe – CEO  
  • "I just wanted to thank you for allowing us to partner with FICPR and participate in the Seed Capital Accelerator Program.  This funding will be a great benefit to Garmor and will truly help support the business during this challenging time of growth. You and your team were extremely helpful and supportive throughout the process.  They are some of the most professional and dedicated people we have had the pleasure of working with. We are excited to begin moving Garmor into the next phase of our business model and are very thankful to have the support of your organization as we move forward." Anastasia E. Canavan – President and CEO
  • "The Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research has been extremely helpful in assisting University of South Florida in its efforts to commercialize new technologies. Through the Institute, we were introduced to two entrepreneurs who have evaluated some of our medical device and sensing technology opportunities, and who now have an interest in creating new companies to advance their development and market launch. The Institute serves as a great resource for the state, and we look forward to working together on more projects in the future." Valerie McDevitt, Director, Patents & Licensing, U.S. Registered Patent Attorney, University of South Florida
  • “As an active angel investor and member of the Investor Advisory Board, I appreciate the opportunity to work with the Institute which is an integral part of Florida's strategy to build a knowledge-based economy. The organization provides much needed support to public research institutions, helping them to create the entrepreneurial infrastructure necessary for Florida to compete on the global stage.” Neil McFarlane, McFarlane BioVentures
  • “The Florida Patent Pro Bono Program has worked aggressively to match me with a reputable law firm to prosecute my patent.  Their hands-on approach and obvious commitment to service gives you relief, a better understanding for the process, and the procedures that follow.  To my benefit, I put my trust in what they had to offer and soon found out that I did the right thing by contacting them. Thanks FloBono!” -Gary Souders, Inventor
  • “I have recently had the privilege to serve on a Governor's appointed strategic planning committee to develop a technology based economic development strategy in Alabama, and I applaud Florida's efforts, through the Institute, to increase the role of universities in new company creation and job growth. With a research base as large as Florida's, there is tremendous opportunity to create the companies whose products and services will improve our quality of life while building an economic development engine that will create high quality jobs and capital investment in Florida, now and in the decades to come. “ Robert L. Crutchfield, Venture Partner, Harbert Venture Partners
  •  “Florida has become a leader in the global life sciences industry. In support of this achievement, the Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research is one of our most valuable assets. It focuses on a long term economic development strategy and provides the highest level of experience, innovative programs and private sector partners to generate positive economic and social impact. Without the Institute, GLG Pharma would not be where we are today, raising money, hiring associates, and actively working to commercialize a technology that originated at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center that will result in the next generation of personalized therapies for the treatment of cancer.” Michael Lovell, PhD, President, GLG Pharma


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