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Black Founders Demo Day

Florida Regional Pitch Competitions on July 26

W‍e are excited to announce the Florida Institute's investment partnership with Plain Sight for the Florida regional events leading up to Black Founders Demo Day. In partnership with Florida Funders, PS27 Ventures, and Embarc Collective, eligible Florida-based companies will be pitching on Tuesday, July 26th in Tampa and Jacksonville to compete for a spot to present at Black Founders Demo Day, Venture Atlanta, and eMerge Americas. As the investment partner, the Florida Institute will provide stipends directly to the two Florida-based companies that win their respective regional pitch events.

Register to attend the Tampa Regionals, here.

Register to attend the Jacksonville Regionals, here.


The Black Founders Demo Day

Black and Brown Founders from across the country are invited to present at the inaugural Black Founders Demo Day - a celebration designed to showcase, inspire, and invest in Black and Brown wealth creation. The event has rallied support from nationally recognized brands and business leaders in tech, venture, and entertainment. Black Founders Demo Day will take place in Miami on December 1.

Sixteen selected finalists will receive a travel stipend as well as over $1M in potential investment opportunities from prominent angel investors and venture capital groups such as Florida Funders, Valor Ventures, Base Ventures, Vestigo Ventures and Precursor Ventures. The event is being hosted by Plain Sight - a platform for networking at events and shared spaces. 

More on the selection criteria and eligibility requirements can be found here.

Are you a Black/African/African American and/or Hispanic/Latino/a/Latinx founder and would like to seize the opportunity to present as one of the 16 finalists in this event? Apply here. The deadline to apply as a finalist for this event is August 5, 2022.