Results from the ninth annual Florida Research University Technology Transfer Survey released in June 2009 underscore the value of university research in Florida. According to the survey, which is managed by the Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization at Florida State University, research expenditures at 13 Florida universities totaled more than $1.64 billion in 2008, an increase of $12.1 million over the previous year.

Other survey findings reveal that:

* Researchers at the 10 public and three private universities participating in the survey received awards of $1.86 billion from external organizations in 2008, up $68.6 million from 2007. * The number of licensing deals generating revenue grew by 10 from 350 in 2007 to 360 in 2008. * Patent applications filed were up from 802 in 2007 to 850 in 2008, bringing the total number of patent applications filed by Florida universities since the survey's inception in 2000 to 5,003. * Invention disclosures also rose, from 730 in 2007 to 752 in 2008. * University startup companies play an ever-increasing role in Florida's economic development. Since the survey began in 2000, 196 such companies have been formed, including 24 startups in 2008 and 29 in 2007. Each represents significant local economic impact in terms of products sold, supplies purchased and knowledge-intensive jobs created. And given that, nationally, three-quarters of such startups have been shown to headquarter in the same state as the university that spawned them, statewide economic impact is considerable, too.

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"Florida Knowledge, Florida Prosperity"