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Written by Lauren Golin

KeriCure, Inc. Receives Large Distribution Order from Publix Supermarkets

The company’s wound care technology will be available in 855 Publix locations

TAMPA, Fla. – KeriCure, Inc., developer of novel, cost effective topical wound care products, is partnering with Publix and will soon be selling the company’s innovative technology in 855 Publix locations. KeriCure’s Skin Protectant product line will be available at 616 Publix stores throughout Florida and at 239 locations throughout Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and Alabama.

  "KeriCure is proud to be a part of the reputable team of Publix vendors,” said  KeriCure founder Dr. Kerriann Greenhalgh. “As a Florida-based  company, we  could not ask for a better partner than Publix and are excited for the  opportunity to grow with them right here in Florida."

 KeriCure, Inc. was formed to commercialize an advanced platform polymer  technology developed by Greenhalgh, who was personally impacted by the lack  of effective wound care available to consumers. KeriCure, a woman-owned  small business, has exclusively licensed the HydroShield™ Technology from the  University of South Florida.

 The HydroShield™ Technology mimics the natural properties of the skin while  maintaining an effective germ-stopping barrier. The company’s range of safe,  sting-free and breathable wound care products can be used in and outside the  home, and in hospital and veterinary settings. KeriCure’s products are designed  to reduce scar formation, prevent infection, and improve healing.

 Both the KeriCure Skin Protectant and Natural Seal Skin Protectant product lines can be purchased on the company’s website and through Amazon and Google shopping sites. The Natural Seal Skin Protectant is also available at Abby's and Chuck’s natural food stores in Tampa and at Rollin’ Oats in Tampa and St. Petersburg. The Skin Protectant product will be available for purchase at Publix stores on Sept. 13, 2013, and is also available in Kroger stores throughout the south.

"KeriCure's connection with Publix runs deeper than just a vendor situation,” said Greenhalgh. “For our KeriCure Skin Protectant product packaging we also employ the MacDonald Training Center, which is a close partner with Publix and trains people with disabilities to work in Publix stores throughout Florida.”

For more information about KeriCure and their products, visit their website.

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