Issue 1

The Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research is pleased to kick off 2013 with this inaugural issue of our quarterly newsletter. We would like to start by thanking all of our partners who helped ignite Florida’s innovation economy by uncovering new technologies and companies based on publicly funded research. Working together, we accomplished much in 2012, and we look forward to continued progress in 2013. Below are some of the highlights from this past year:

  • Over 100 new projects were identified statewide and across multiple industry sectors, many of which will provide the foundation for tomorrow’s great companies.
  • Funding was provided through the Seed Capital Accelerator Program to nine companies, listed below. Several more companies were reviewed and received conditional funding approval, pending the closing of required matching funds.
  • NanoPhotonica- an Orlando-based company that develops products based on technology licensed from the University of Florida. Nanophotonica focuses on creating breakthrough nanomaterials that are the basis for displays in a wide range of consumer electronics such as cell phones, tablet computers and TVs.
  • Shadow Health- a Gainesville-based company that develops digital interactive, clinical experiences for medical, nursing, and allied health education programs. These clinical simulations provide opportunities to develop better bedside manner, improve physical examination procedures and take better patient histories.
  • Ocoos- an Ocala-based technology company that has developed an internet-marketing platform for small service providers. Ocoos incorporated technology licensed from the University of Florida into its product platform.
  • e-Tect- a Gainesville-based company that licensed technology developed in collaboration with the University of Florida. They have developed a unique platform that extends the Internet to ingestible and disposable devices such as pills (ID-Cap), diapers, and bandages and other medical, commercial, and consumer applications.
  • GLG Pharma- a Jupiter-based company developing treatments based on technology licensed from the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa and the University of Central Florida in Orlando. GLG Pharma’s initial therapeutics are expected to aid in the treatment of a wide variety of cancers with potentially greater efficacy and significantly fewer side effects than existing therapies.
  • Insero Health- a Miami-based company with technology licensed from the University of South Florida. It is a clinical stage company that discovers and develops small molecule therapies derived from natural products to address significant unmet needs in neurological diseases.
  • Sun BioPharma- With technology licensed from the University of Florida, the company is engaged in advancing the commercial development of a novel drug compound targeting pancreatic cancer.
  • SharpSpring- A Gainesville-based company with technology licensed from the University of Florida, SharpSpring provides easy-to-use, affordable marketing software for small-to-medium businesses, that allow businesses to track and optimize every aspect of the sales cycle from lead to close.
  • KeriCure Inc.- a Tampa based company that provides wound care products to patients, military and everyday consumers. With technology licensed from the University of South Florida, KeriCure was formed to commercialize an advanced platform polymer technology, the KeriCure Quick Seal Liquid Bandage.
  • Value Added Support Services- The Institute continues to refine and expand its menu of value-added support services to ensure that entrepreneurs have the tools they need in order to succeed. Through the creation of the Executive Council, the Institute connects new business leaders with experienced management who volunteer their time to mentor and coach those with less experience. The Institute also assists with the development of business, marketing, strategic and financial plans and models, as well as investor presentations, to help companies attract talent and seed capital in order to reach critical development milestones and grow. New programs and services will be unveiled throughout 2013.
  • We expanded our team- successful entrepreneur Jamie Grooms was appointed Chief Executive Officer, and four Entrepreneurs-in-Residence joined the Institute to work with our research partners to uncover new company creation opportunities: Alison Tanner, Joe Reddy, Karl Zawoy, and Phil Hipol.
  • Three of the four finalists in the annual Cade Museum Prize competition were Institute-assisted companies:

                       1st Runner Up - Reliox

                       2nd Runner Up - Nanodiscovery

                       3rd Runner Up - Prometheon Pharma  

About the Institute

Founded in 2007 as a non-profit organization, the Institute is Florida’s One-Stop-Shop for investors and entrepreneurs who seek to identify new opportunities based on technologies developed through publicly-funded research. The Institute delivers programs that facilitate new venture and job creation through commercially-viable technologies in major industries that are driving the global economy. The Institute administers the Florida Research Commercialization Matching Grant Program launched in 2010, and the Seed Capital Accelerator Program launched in 2011. For more information, visit    

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