Melbourne, FL (May 8, 2018) - Structural Composites, Inc. is extremely pleased to announce that we have achieved the Innovation Company of the Year Award for our next-generation CoCure hybrid metal/composite technology featured in Wabash National’s 53ft semi-trailers. By incorporating molded structural composites instead of aluminum, Wabash improved the trailer’s overall thermal performance by up to 25 percent. The trailer’s floor is also up to 20 percent lighter than it would be with steel, and the system is far more puncture- and damage-resistant than conventional constructions.

The Innovation Company of the Year Award was presented by the Space Coast EDC selection team and complements our Unsurpassed Innovation Award received at CAMX in December 2017.

CAMX is North America’s largest gathering of the composites industry.  It is the collaboration of aerospace (SAMPE) and commercial composite designers and manufacturers (ACMA).  It is one of the most prestigious organizations from which to receive this high award for our innovative technologies and work in the transportation industry. The CoCure metal/composite hybrid technology combines metal (aluminum or steel) with FRP allowing the structure to take advantage of the best properties of each material.  The result is a lighter, stronger more cost competitive primary structure.

A key innovative breakthrough was our invention of CoCure resins, coatings and adhesives.   CoCure resins and adhesives form a tenacious bond to metals which allows the creation of metal hybrid laminates using the same resin as used in the fiber composite layer.  Elimination of expensive adhesives and simplified manufacturing are key advantages.   Hybrid structures can be created by stamping or forming the shape in thin gauge metals (70% thinner than used by themselves) then laminating the metal part with CoCure composite materials.  This allows for fabrication of very stiff structures at reduced weight but with costs that can compete with traditional fabrications.

Structural Composites, Inc. President, Scott Lewit, states, “Hybrid metal/composite technologies open many new markets for composite materials in aerospace, transportation and infrastructure.  The combination of our PRISMA reinforcement technologies and CoCure low cost strain tunable high-performance resins creates structures at parity with the cost of traditional aluminum structures.  These developments are enabling composites to move into some massive new markets that demand low price and high performance.  The two innovation awards show the impact of the technology spreading beyond marine applications.”

Wabash National Corporation President and Chief Operating Officer Brent Yeagy noted, “Wabash National worked closely with Structural Composites to identify how molded structural composites, using PRISMA and CoCure technologies, could deliver unmatched thermal performance in the transportation market.  We are now scaling up the manufacturing of our proprietary molded structural composites while continuing to refine and advance the value this new material technology brings to our fleet customers.  CoCure technology has played an important role in allowing Wabash to bring new, high-performance composites to the trucking industry.”


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About Wabash National CorporationWabash National Corporation (NYSE:WNC) is a diversified industrial manufacturer and North America’s leading producer of semi-trailers and liquid transportation systems. Established in 1985 in Lafayette, Indiana, the company manufactures a diverse range of products, including: dry freight and refrigerated trailers, platform trailers, bulk tank trailers, dry and refrigerated truck bodies, truck-mounted tanks, intermodal equipment, aircraft refueling equipment, structural composite panels and products, trailer aerodynamic solutions, and specialty food grade and pharmaceutical equipment. Its innovative products are sold under the following brand names: Wabash National®, Beall®, Benson®, Brenner® Tank, Bulk Tank International, DuraPlate®, Extract Technology®, Garsite, Progress Tank, Supreme®, Transcraft®, Walker Engineered Products, and Walker Transport. Learn more at


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